OLIVE OIL PAN BREAD - lemon ricotta 7.5.
FRIED CHICKEN SKIN - housemade hot sauce   6.5
CHICKPEA FRIES - cucumber & cumin cream   6
CONFIT CHERRY TOMATOES - fresh baguette   6
SCOTCH EGG - brasserie mustard, house pickled vegetables   8.5
BRASSERIE POTATO CHIPS - house aioli   6.5
VEGETABLE CRUDITES - housemade ranch   6.5
EAST/WEST COAST OYSTERS - mignonette, lemon, fresh horseradish   3.5per


SOUP DU JOUR - grilled linseed bread   9
BRASSERIE FRENCH ONION SOUP - duck broth, crostini, gruyere   11.5
HOUSE GREENS - carrot, tomato, radish, parmesan, honey balsamic vinaigrette   13
BUTTERLEAF & FRISEE SALAD - duck confit, orange, grapes, paremsan, fava 'crackling', pink peppercorn, orange vinaigrette   16
BRASSERIE CAESAR - bacon, crispy capers, croutons, parmesan, egg, garlic lemon aioli   16

PAN SEARED SCALLOPS - shelling peas, fava beans, fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, cumin cream, fava 'crackling'   19
CRISPY EGGPLANT - spicy red pepper puree, pickled fennel, mint   14
STEAK TARTARE - pickle, shallot, worcestershire, marash pepper, farm yolk, fresh horseradish   18
FOIE GRAS TORCHON (2oz) - toasted brioche, rhubarb compote, apple chips, sea salt   20


POmmes frites

CLASSIC FRITES - roasted garlic aioli   8.5
PARMESAN & TRUFFLE FRITES - roasted garlic aioli   11
BRASSERIE POUTINE - cheese curds, duck gravy   12.5
add duck confit 3.5     substitute port-veal jus (gluten-free) 2
FOIE GRAS POUTINE - 1oz foie gras torchon, truffle oil, parmesan   18

House crafted sandwiches

served with choice of: classic frites, house greens, or soup du jour

BEEF BRISKET BURGER - cheese curds, tomato, lettuce, pickle, brasserie mustard, roasted garlic aioli   17.5
RICE, MUSHROOM & LENTIL BURGER - gruyere, cucumber, lemon & roasted garlic aioli   17.5
BRASSERIE CLUB - seared chicken thigh, bacon, gruyere, tomato, lemon & roasted garlic aioli   17.5
CROQUE MADAME - linseed bread, house cured ham, farm egg, mornay, brasserie mustard, roasted garlic aioli   17.5


OVEN ROASTED BROME LAKE DUCK BREAST - duck rillette & ricotta tortellini, snap peas, broccolini, smoked duck broth, poached egg   32
CASSOULET - duck, pork & white bean stew, grilled linseed bread   16.5
PAN FRIED RAINBOW TROUT - crispy potatoes, grilled zucchini, scallion, lemon caper vinaigrette   28
STEAK & FRITES - 6oz bate cut of alberta grassfed beef, grilled broccolini, choice of: brandy peppercorn veal jus, confit tomato, garlic & olive oil, or foie gras & roasted shallot compound butter   30
PAN SEARED PACIFIC HALIBUT - quinoa, cherry tomato, fava beans, perserved lemon, grilled fennel   29
MUSSELS & FRITES - saffron cream   19.5
HILLVIEW FARMS GRILLED PORK BREAST - saskatchewan chantrelles, charred shishito peppers, potato gnocchi, corn relish   26


GRILLED BROCCOLINI - charred lemon   10
MUSHROOMS - garlic roasted   11


BC PEACH COBBLER - british columbia peaches, buttermilk biscuit, sazerac rye ice cream   10
HUMMINGBIRD CAKE - banana, pineapple, toasted pecans, cream cheese icing, bourbon caramel   10
TOASTED COCONUT CREME BRULEE - dark chocolate shortbread   10
HOUSEMADE FUDGESICLE - frozen chocolate mousse coated in honey crack   5