FRIED CHICKEN SKIN - housemade fermented jalapeno sauce   7
SALT COD CROQUETTES - perserved lemon aioli   8
SCOTCH EGG - brasserie mustard, house pickled vegetables   9
DUCK TENDERS - smoked barbecue sauce   7.5

CARAMELIZED ONION FLATBREAD - bacon, caramelized onion   13
PECORINO & WHITE TRUFFLE FRITES - roasted garlic aioli   12.5
BABY ROMAINE CAESAR - bacon, crispy capers, croutons, parmesan, egg, garlic lemon aioli   16.5
LOCAL BEETS & BABY CARROTS - fourme d'ambert blue cheese, beet cream, toasted pumpkin seeds 15
GRAIN FED VEAL SCHNITZEL - capers, anchovies, brown butter, lemon   16
SEARED FOIE GRAS - grilled brioche, confit quince, pomegranate   22
BLACK OLIVE GNOCCHI 'PUTTANESCA' - tomato caper ragout, mussels, anchovy, crispy onions   17
LEAFY GREENS - marinated carrots, tomatoes, radish, parmesan, honey balsamic vinaigrette   13.5
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER - toasted panko, crispy bacon, mornay   15
ALBERTA BEEF TARTARE - pickle, shallot, worcestershire, farm yolk, fresh horseradish   18.5
CHARRED HUMBOLDT SQUID - crispy salami, frisee, olive tapenade, buttermilk dressing   16
CARAMELIZED BRUSSELS SPROUTS - crispy chicken skin, apricot preserve, sea salt   13
ATLANTIC SCALLOPS & CRISPY PORK BELLY - mustard cream, scallion, orange, squid ink tuile   13
BRASSERIE POUTINE - cheese curds, duck gravy   14



PORK, DUCK & WHITE CASSOULET - grilled baguette   17.5
BAKED RACLETTE - house cured ham, baguette, baked egg, raclette, gruyere, brasserie mustard, mornay, house pickles   22
HONEY & WHISKEY GLAZED DUCK BREAST - spinach spaetzle, cabbage, shimeji mushroom   34
ARCTIC CHAR EN PAPILLOTE - steamed local vegetables, dill butter, preserved lemon, maldon   30
HUNTER'S RABBIT STEW - barley, rutabaga, brussels sprouts, baby carrots, pickled red cippolini, horseradish cream   25
STEAK & FRITES - 7oz bavette cut of alberta grassfed beef, grilled broccolini   32
STEAMED MUSSELS & FRITES - white wine & saffron cream   21
GRILLED PORK BREAST - rutabaga, spinach, toasted hazelnuts, honey mustard vinaigrette   26


BRASSERIE FRENCH ONION SOUP - duck broth, crostini, gruyere   11.5
HOUSE GROUND BEEF BRISKET BURGER - local cheese curds, tomato, lettuce, brasserie mustard, roasted garlic aioli, pickle   18
WILD RICE, MUSHROOM & LENTIL BURGER - gruyere, cucumber, lemon & roasted garlic aioli   17.75


DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY MOUSSE CAKE - raspberry coulis, cocoa nib sponge toffee   11
BARTLETT PEAR & FRANGIPANE TART - spiced creme anglaise   10
TOASTED COCONUT CREME BRULEE - salted coconut & cocoa nib macaroon, dried pineapple   10
WINTER GINGER SPICE CAKE - cranberry orange compote, whipped creme fraiche, rum caramel, popped sorghum, puffed wild rice   9